Which one do you prefer for messaging?


I selected #XMPP, but I'm not sure whether I "prefer" it. It's just that #Signal is no option as long as it asks for my phone number, has no native client on Linux, and does not allow me to use a server in a country of my choice. For #Matrix, I did not yet find a nice client in Debian, but that might change one day. After all, it's just a Monolithic Awfully Trendy Re-Invention of XMPP 🙂

@debacle - The reason for the poll is: I'm in favour of XMPP as well, but Matrix is quite good as well, especially the rooms. The encryption (i.e. verification) might be too much for my parents and so, but in general I feel it works better on mobile devices than XMPP. I'm also using Signal, but dislike it because of the mandatory phone number, the lack of desktop clients (yeah, there is a desktop client, I know) and the inability to run it on multiple mobile devices.

@ij agh i voted for XMPP by mistake, was supposed to be matrix

@swedneck - oh well, bad luck then... ;) But it should be a multi-option vote anyway, so you could have voted for both, if you like...

@ij If i had the presence of mind to stop and see that it was a multiple choice poll, i wouldn't have voted for the wrong thing :P

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