Follow @CryptGoat - from my POV Monal on IOS works well, even with OMEMO. There has been lots of work lately on Monal for IOS, so when you tested it 3 months ago it might be that your issue has been solved in the meantime.

This doesn't mean that there aren't any issues anymore in Monal, but it is usuable and for me it has less battery drain than ChatSecure.
You can as well help with Monal by reporting issues to the author, of course.

Thanks, I will test the latest release and report back.

@ij @CryptGoat @switchingsocial Interesting to read. Tested Monal but opted for ChatSecure in the end. Are there delays with Monal when receiving a message? There are with CS.

@erlequin @CryptGoat - Does CS use the Apple Push Notification Service? Monal does. When CS does not it needs to poll. Maybe not now, but when Apple tighten the rope around your neck to force you to use APNS (with IOS 13).

I don't think there is a (huge) delay in Monal, but I mostly use XMPP on desktop devices, although I administer thousands of mobile devices with Cisco Jabber at my day job.

@ij @CryptGoat @switchingsocial It looks that CS uses APNS. It works, but takes time sometimes. I'll test Monal again.
Ha, Cisco Jabber does not have a linux client...

@erlequin @CryptGoat - Yes, Cisco Jabber is Mac/Win/IOS/Android only and is for Enterprises.

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