Hmmm, ...

RAILS_ENV=production live/bin/tootctl media remove

fails with

/home/mastodon/live/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/gems/redis-4.1.0/lib/redis/client.rb:124:in `call': NOAUTH Authentication required. (Redis::CommandError)

There is a password configured in .env.production for , but apparently this doesn't work for some unknown reasons. Yet the still fills up more and more...

After running "bundle install" and "yarn install" tootctl media remove is working again, but how can this happen?

... but it just removes very few files:

Removed 1248 media attachments (approx. 585 MB)


How many diskspace do other instances use?

9.9G public/system/accounts
606M public/system/custom_emojis
19G public/system/media_attachments
9.9G public/system/preview_cards


Currently on

8.4G accounts
464M custom_emojis
146G media_attachments
5.9G preview_cards
92K site_uploads
160G total

@maswan - hmmm, ok, so is more of a disk space hog than Frienidca.
My Mastodon has about 43 users and consumes about 40 GB media attachments.
My Friendica has about 1000 users and 9 GB media storage.

I do still have the feeling that Mastodon doesn't delete all the media files when being told so by invoking tootctl media remove...

@ij Haven't really looked at it since the filesystem is just half full, and it'd be easy to add more space if needed.

@maswan - yeah, adding more disk space isn't an issue here as well, but how much disk space will it need when you have a really large instance like 10.000 users?

Yeah, we'll see when that happens. I have a feeling that a fair bit of the size is age and not number of users related too. But no proper data to back it up.

670M ./custom_emojis
2.3M ./site_uploads
8.3G ./preview_cards
33G ./media_attachments
8.3G ./accounts
50G .

57 Users.

@markusblogde - thx! So it seems that the disk usage is quite normal...

@markusblogde - exactly. As already mentioned my much larger Friendica installation is using far less disk space.

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