Dear Nerdculture users,

I already upgraded to Mastodon 2.8.1 and I'm now in the progress of upgrading to Debian testing aka buster to see if everything is working fine with Mastodon on Buster...


Ok, sorry for the few hours of unavailability due to the upgrade....

This is what happened:
1) Upgrading to Mastodon 2.8.1 ✅
2) Upgrading to Debian Buster ✅
3) Rebooting to Debian Buster ❌

Actually, the service couldn't be started by systemd, because got update to 2.5.1 while upgrading to and Mastodon needed bundle install && yarn install && a bundle exec rails assets:precompile

Extra challenge: find a VNC viewer that works with Mac and produes a "-" ;-)

But basically I can confirm that is running under .

But for me it seems a little bit problematic to have / apps running on Debian dist upgrades when all those apps need such special handling.
Ideally everything should work after a dist-upgrade. Or should detect a broken environment and do the needed steps itself, especially because these are the steps that are required to do by nearly every update of Mastodon.

YMMV, of course. ;)

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