Short notice to all users:

I'll try to move the Mastodon installation to another virtual machine today. This may or may not result in one or multiple service interruptions...

Wish me luck! ;-)


Sorry, took a lot longer than expected, but now Mastodon is running on a 16 GB virtual server instead of just 3 GB of RAM.

If you experience something strange, please tell me...

Sadly I had to move the instance back to its own virtual machine, because for some unknown reasons it seems to interfere with my other webapps and brought down the webserver VM.
See the thread on for details.


@Ifellfromspace - thanks for the feedback. I don't think that you experience performance increases, because the old VM was not busy with just these 26 users on this instance... ;)
(but it is one less VM to care about for me ;))

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