Hmmm, just discovered today: there now 33 users on this instance. 11 of them are new bots.

I'm not sure I want a large number of bots on this instance.

What do you think?

@niebegegnet - nein, nicht immer, aber wenn ploetzlich 11 bots dazukommen, ohne Content zu produzieren oder Hinweise darauf, wozu da sind, dann finde ich das zumindest erstmal fragwuerdig

@ij Depends on the kind of bot. Reposting interesting content from sources outside of the Fediverse can be a good thing.

But I'm with you, that content from "real humans" is more desire-able then content from bots, as humans tend to interact with each other and thus make it a living network.

@bavatar - additionally the profile pics of those bots doesn't look that promising... e.g. some pictures a woman in lascivious poses, etc... So it appears to me that those are intended to distribute soft porn images or alike... but no content yet...

@ij @bavatar You are the operator and share your resources. So it's up to you, to choose the rules :)

@blub @bavatar - I have now a database update cron job to disable/suspend/lock all bot accounts. 28 accounts affected today...

Let's see...

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