Fakt: Der Google-Assistant zeichnet Gespräche von Kunden mit.
Reaktion: Mitarbeiter von Google leitet aufgezeichnete Gespräche an Rundfunk weiter, um auf den Missstand aufmerksam zu machen.
Reaktion Google: Einleitung von Ermittlungen gegen den Mitarbeiter.

Einfach unverschämt, dass nun also der Whistleblower angegangen wird, anstatt den Missstand auszuräumen. 🤦‍♂️

Why is there no hacker public radio mentions found in the fediverse? hackerpublicradio.org/

Amazing inspiration from seth godin on Tim ferris show. Talks about being an entrepreneur and how to sell what people want to buy. The Tim Ferriss Show: #376: How Seth Godin Manages His Life — Rules, Principles, and Obsessions (Repost) tim.blog/podcast 😃📣🚩

🎾🎾🍌🍌🐕 Gamzee my dogs my dogs are not my home okay?

@h4ck3rm1k3 Hast Du Dir mein Bild *komplett* angeschaut? Hier nochmal der relevante Ausschnitt:

any mastadon client that supports translating toots you read?

@fedilab have not been able to login to nerdculture.de. it might be using chrome as the browser? I needed to allow popups and redirects for that.

Cannot login. Security verification failed. Are you blocking cookies. Using chrome. Works in firefox.

Hello world. Another attempt to get back into the fediverse. Working again on making sense out of computer programs in my limited free time. Will have some code to share here when the quality is better.

Greetings from New Jersey.

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