"When I was 21, the cool thing to be was famous on Instagram. Now the cooler thing to be is a mystery. Anonymity is in."

"As a journalist, I’ve found it frustrating. In the past few years, more sources have been asking for anonymity on principle—not because they are afraid of specific or likely consequences, but because being named just doesn’t seem worth it."

What do you think? Would you rather be anonymous online or use your real name?


I read somewhere that August 10th is National Lazy Day. Many of us tend to be so busy that we don't tend to relax, which is something we should all do more often.

How would you rely what's in this image if they didn't have it in front of them?

Why this is important? See my pinned post (nerdculture.de/@g/108236875886)

Thanks to Andrea Piacquadio for posting this photo on Pexels.

@Gina and that is one of many reasons I don't give out my business phone number..

@brandon I saw their video on it (inv.vern.cc/watch?v=tZiSRiMe47) and boy was I tempted, but I still have a backpack that works.

I would be interested in your thoughts after you've used it.

If you are thinking about buying a domain, where do you search to see if it's available?

There's whois, going to the place you buy your domain (domain registrar) and many other ways.

August 2nd 1870 was when Tower Subway (which is the world's first underground tube railway) opened in London (England, UK).

How would you describe this subway related picture to someone who couldn't see it?
You can include how would describe it as a reply.

Why would you do that, because the web should be more accessible and this is an excercise on writing better alt text.

Huge thanks to Elena Saharova who posted this picture on Pexels.

@kev you could go cheaper with a shared hosting, but glad to see the costs cut down a ton.

@jbauer that's interesting because I almost have the opposite effect. My email address is posted publicly and I get around 1 spam email per day.

Maybe it's because I have a Wordpress website, or because I have a active blog, but that aren't the most likely reason's why.

"cached content is no longer shared between domains [....]

This means the primary benefit of shared public CDNs is no longer relevant for any modern browsers. [...]

It's best to avoid them wherever possible, primarily by self-hosting your content with a caching reverse-proxy in front, to cheaply and easily build high-performance web applications."

Public CDNs Are Useless and Dangerous - httptoolkit.tech/blog/public-c, written by @pimterry

July 26th is National Disability Independence Day, which is celebrated in the US with commemorates the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

How would you describe this image to someone who couldn't see ift?

unsolicited advice / hopefully helpful 

@ru "Inertia keeps us in our current state. It's easier to do nothing and let the system run its natural course. Overcoming that inertia is the hump. Showing up is the hurdle."

@annasara congrats, make sure to save some of it but also buy yourself something (that you can afford)

@ru I go after work, right after work is done for the day I go out, then I have time before dinner. In the summer sometimes I go after dinner when it's cooler.

I try to keep this routine but I forgive myself if I miss a day or two.

This reminds me of @kev and how he probably feels on his motorcycle, does this comic remind you of someone else and why?

(Comic created by Bill Watterson, and copyright of the respective owner / publisher / syndication)

rage, phone support, waiting 

@brandon sometimes I would pay a company more to have too many phone support people waiting around, rather than I having to wait..

With one company I have repetitively call I know about the best day of the week and best time frame to call them so they usually pick up quickly (and the call lasts less than 2 mins),

rage, phone support, waiting 

@brandon and it says "all our agents are busy" but it says that every time you cal... That means the company should hire more people.

@captaincalabrese this may be a stupid question, but have you restarted your phone since the browser was updated?

(I'm not affiliated with Brave in any way)

@NiftyBuckles thank you for providing the Wikipedia entry link, I know I learned something from it.

The main point of the post, is to remind everyone to use alt text on their images, and to work on improving how you would write a alt text.

@mike while many other launchers exist, I have found they fit usually into one of these categories: stupid simple (a search bar), owned by a big company, owned by a company nobody knows, filled with ads (or other does tons of tracking), hasn't been updated in years.

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