In trying to do within 1 year of starting it I'm trying to do 8 posts this month.

I've already done 4 posts already, so I'm well on my way.

In the most recent post I posted about what has happened to the top 12 most funded Kickstarter projects.

Which you can read at

If you use 2FA and find that the site is telling you the code is incorrect, try checking to see if your clock is actually correct (by using a site like

I did find this out the hard and long way. Don't be like me. If your 2FA code isn't working then wait for another code and try again, or check to make sure your time is accurate.

@ij How is this Mastodon instance being funded? And is there a way that the users here can help out with the costs?

Privacy vs convenience. It's hard to choose between these two, especially when it involves other people.

As an example, I was scheduling a meeting with someone and I had to choose between using Jitsi or Zoom for us to chat. I ended up choosing Zoom so it's easier for the other person to use.

How do you choose between privacy and convenience?

I keep hearing about this thing called Gemini. Can anyone tell me why it's so good and how someone on a Windows computer can access it.

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Me: Don't you love <popular-service>? It's so convenient.

Fediverse: No, they steal your data and stuff! Use <federated-alternative>.

Me: Okay... Where do I sign up?

Fediverse: It's not that simple because first you need to find an instance and then host your docker image but use a green host or self-host just don't use <popular-service> for pete's sake and once that's done....

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Don't forget, folks, the report tool is one still one of the most powerful tools to get the attention of a moderator.

You can also use the report function in DMs. Unsavoury messages? Block and report.

Don't let folks scare you away. You're allowed to be here, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I have moved between many Mastodon instances, and now I'm here on nerdculture.

I will be tooting here in English (which is a little bit weird on an Germany instance).

Almost anything else I will be posting about is listed on my profile.

I will at some point be moving my account from @g to here.


All friendly creatures are welcome. Be excellent to each other, live humanism, no nazis, no hate speech. Not only for nerds, but the domain is somewhat cool. ;) No bots in general! (only with prior permission) - Registration temporarily closed/approval required, contact me if you want an invite!