When I see a fox picture I immediately think of @volpeon and @jbauer.. I don't yet know if this is a good or bad thing..

Anyways, here's a sleepy fox. Thanks to redd.it/mkwvnr

@ij can we get the blob cat emoji's on this instance? Some many instances have them that I feel like we are missing out.

Maybe the ones from emojos.in/tiny-pillowfort.floa

Inspired by @celia's recent blog post. I wrote my own thoughts on Firefox's upcoming change on their referer policy.


Do you use Firefox and are going to go with the new referer policy when it comes with Firefox 87?

COVID... song (humorous) 

We all need a little humour with this pandemic still going on. Enjoy this video (or watch it on YouTube at youtube.com/watch?v=CwyglrEViM)

Special shout to @jbauer and @brandon who will both agree that this is complete true.

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“Linux” by itself doesn’t solve anything. Surveillance capitalism runs on Linux. Linux is big business. Most Linux distributions don’t give a shit about privacy/go out of their way to promote the easy use of Google, etc., on their platforms. FOSS is just one piece of the puzzle.

There are many things I love about the Fediverse,

I don't have to worry about spoilers for something that is airing on tv (I love content warnings),

I can geek out with people here,

No analytics, you don't know how well (or bad) your post did.

What do you love about the fediverse?

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When you find the website that perfectly fits what you are looking for, but then you check and see it's behind Cloudflare 😭

Bonus points if it has the following: Google analytics, google font, Facebook pixel (tracking), doesn't have any privacy policy listed, is hosted in the USA. 😭

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Hey devs,

Wanna be good little surveillance capitalists? Start by embedding Google’s tracking devices on your sites and apps. Some good ones to start with include Google Analytics, Google Sign-In and YouTube videos.

Alphabet, Inc. thanks you for your services.

After using Webmention / Indieweb for a while now, I have decided to remove it entirely from my website.

It didn't help that only @zerok (that I knew of) webmentioned me. It was also complex and hard for anyone (not in the tech space or tons of time) to use.


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If you use 2FA and find that the site is telling you the code is incorrect, try checking to see if your clock is actually correct (by using a site like time.is).

I did find this out the hard and long way. Don't be like me. If your 2FA code isn't working then wait for another code and try again, or check to make sure your time is accurate.

@ij How is this Mastodon instance being funded? And is there a way that the users here can help out with the costs?

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Me: Don't you love <popular-service>? It's so convenient.

Fediverse: No, they steal your data and stuff! Use <federated-alternative>.

Me: Okay... Where do I sign up?

Fediverse: It's not that simple because first you need to find an instance and then host your docker image but use a green host or self-host just don't use <popular-service> for pete's sake and once that's done....


All friendly creatures are welcome. Be excellent to each other, live humanism, no nazis, no hate speech. Not only for nerds, but the domain is somewhat cool. ;) No bots in general! (only with prior permission) - Registration temporarily closed/approval required, contact me if you want an invite!