Das habe ich bisher nicht einmal in Ansätzen gewusst, wie die Deutschen den arabischen Antisimetismus gestartet und aufgebaut haben.


How cool is this: watch my mouse and keyboard follow seamlessly from my desktop to my Raspberry Pi 🤓

It’s a little app called Synergy that I now have running across my Linux box, 2 Pis, Mac, and Windows clunker. (And VSCode is connected via SSH to the Pi in the video too.)

Has made working on and testing Raspberry Pi support for Site.js (sitejs.org) so much simpler :)

#sitejs #synergy #vscode #geeky

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Kurden helfen - Groko Haram ärgern!

CDU & SPD haben ein EU-weites Waffenembargo gegen den Irren vom Bosporus verhindert. Jetzt lassen wir sie zumindest mitspenden.
Alles weitere hier oder unter die-partei.de .

Jeder Euro hilft (und ärgert!)... Smiley!


Welches Betriebssystem nutzt Ihr Mastonauten?

"If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything." describes Centrists perfectly: they believe in nothing, which is why they end up believing anything the establishment feeds them. When you have no core values, you have no moral compass, and you can't even tell who are your friends and who are your enemies, which is why they fall for the right's fearmongering time and time again.

It's been interesting to watch capitalism slowly doing away with private property. Most commercial software is moving towards subscriptions, devices are locked from their users, cars can only be serviced by authorized dealers. Nobody actually owns anything, they just rent it.

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