it's been a while since i've posted. i think i'll take a short hiatus. i'll provide an update on the gameboy when it arrives.

today i made a gif of xi jinping turning into winnie-the-pooh. the resemblance is uncanny, no?

i'm getting a gameboy! after carefully searching for one for a few months, i've finally found the perfect gameboy advance sp. it's been modded with an ips screen, the shell has been replaced, and the internals have been cleaned up.

today i cracked a hulu account and watched a few episodes of rick and morty.

today i found the hex value for perfect gray. i stacked a 50% opacity sheet of black on a 100% opacity sheet of white. the result was .

today i'm working on a way to organically increase instagram follower count and engagement. i've come up with a basic ratio. every 10 targeted followers nets you one follow back. the end goal is to reach 1000 followers. based on this principle, all i need to do is follow 10000 users. unfortunately, instagram has a rate limit, so it may take some time. i'll check in with you once i hit my goal.

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