As I learn more about the #Fediverse I find more communities that think it replicates the toxic environments of centralized networks.

I spoke with some folks from queer communities who think they have the tools to protect themselves. But some think they need to heavily modify #Mastodon code to get by.

People of color especially seem to be struggling here. Many are deplatforming. Many talk about coordinated efforts to harass as well as omnipresent racism.

We need to do better.

Hello. I just joined Mastodon and chose the nerdculture server almost randomly. I confess some nerdish tendencies I suppose. Anyway, my first toot here and I'll see how it goes.


All friendly creatures are welcome. Be excellent to each other, live humanism, no nazis, no hate speech. Not only for nerds, but the domain is somewhat cool. ;) No bots in general! (only with prior permission)