Silence my lady head
Get girl out of my head
Douse hair with gasoline
Set it light and set it free

The dark descends through the promised land
Down kingdom come and the acid ban
I'm bad alone, burned inside out
Nothing to kill it

Cancellation Is The Child Of A Culture That Doesn't Compost

‘Call-out culture' is a by-product of postmodernity, where ‘post-humans’ can ‘cancel’ and outsource other human and non-human lives on a daily basis.

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Unseren größten Respekt und Dank gehört den mutigen Antifaschist*innen, die sich heute in #Stuttgart dem Aufruf von @AABStgt anschlossen, sich den #coronaleugner direkt und entschlossen entgegenstellten und zwei Blockaden formierten. Alle anderen können uns am Arsch ...

I just published the first WikiPage [] entirely written by me (until now, ofc). It's in Portuguese, but soon I'll translate it to English, since there is plenty of actual academic writing I need to procrastinate on, so, it should be done by the end of the month, hahaha.

The only breath of hope I can find right now is mirar the ones resisting the genocide for +500 years. And they state: WE WON'T GIVE UP LIVING. Our Fight Is For Life!

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It's hard to find the strength to remember that old tune:

"Black storms shake the air
Dark clouds blind us
Although pain and death [may] await us
Duty calls us against the enemy."

Well, life is the most precious good. Hay que deferdela, la vida.

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Brazil registered 66.868* deaths by in March. We are reaching a solid 4 thousand daily deaths. It's exhausting. April will be worst, experts say.

*we also live a pandemic of subnotification, sistemic lack of tests and false negatives for the new variants.

New German word dropped recently and I want to share it with my English speaking friends. It's called "Mütend", its a mashup of müde (tired) and wütend (angry) and I think its the perfect word for these times.
I'm very mütend lately.

Today we remember the fascist military (+U.S.) coup in Brasil. 57 years ago. "The struggle is the same, because the dictatorship is the same" - Comandante Clemente (National Liberation Action)

O fortalecimento das polícias e o estado policial não começou com Bolsonaro e não vai acabar com sua queda.

Assista a entrevista completa em:


About there is this book The first edition can be found in the realms of the internet as "Wild fermentation. A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation". Ah, by Sandor Ellix Katz.

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About the coconut picking... 

A while ago, mi compañero picked coconuts for us. We drink some and forgot about the rest. They fermented. And me being the crazy-scientist that I am, and he the vegan-scavenger-no-food-waste that he is... there was only one option, haha.

Did we do some dissertation writing today, like we were supposed to? No! But, vegan creamcheese AND iogurt out of wild fermented coconuts: that we did!

and it's nice to point out that the editor came to know this 1960's french wrinting during the Occupy Wall Street in 2011. Around 2012, both "The society of Spetacle" and "On the Poverty of Student Life" by Guy Debord became quite proeminet here in Brazil as well, during the national-wide Universities Okupas just before June 2013 insurrections.

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Ah, les situationnistes... Just stumbled upon this new translation of Debord's The society of spetacle ( by this Ron Adams editor guy who proposes not a translation of the text per se but a translation of time. In his words "an attempt to contextualize and reveal abstract ideas by bringing in references and annotations in order to add relevance for our current time" (Foreword)

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