@fsf By the discovery of “ToSdr” by me recently, I consider this obsolete

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@kaia Interesting diagram, thanks for sharing it with us. Do you happen to know the source for any chance?

@unusualbot Sounds like a fairly human way of war until you take into account possible side effects — and even the moral justifiability is questionable considering you are deliberately forcing people into a sexual attraction and also possibly destroying families.

(To be clear, I have nothing against homosexuality, but forcing hetero soldiers into being homosexual is just the same as not allowing gay people to express their love — not right)

@ulPa Interesting and cool tool, will try it out.... I always use KSnip for creating and editing screenshots, it also comes with blurring and other annotation tools. It's cross platform and also FOSS: github.com/ksnip/ksnip

@oa Klingt interessant... Leider hinter ner Paywall...

@LatinCanuck @libreoffice Nah, I prefer the drop-down menus – they take up less space and all functions are available within two or three clicks

Warpinator, was willst du mir sagen? //
Warpinator, what do you want to tell me? :blobcatdizzy:

@libreoffice Sounds cool, but could be confusing in some way... I think at least the page/slide color should remain the actual color, or everything white should be switched to black and black things vice versa.... Because, for example it could be hard to read black text on a black page, but once you've switched back to light mode, it would be needed again... But I'm excited to hear more!

@fsf Great! I've made something like that myself for the same purpose, but I'll maybe consider a purchase

@fu @fsf I think it's made and uploaded by the person doing the talk (because the link also leads to his website)...

@juh @libreoffice I get your point, but I think in the end it's an opportunity for Libreoffice – although it's held by a big software corporation – even if this isn't in perfect circumstances.

@libreoffice Cool! :blobcatcheer: I'm sure that some geeks around the world are very excited using Klingon in LibreOffice in the future. Also, it's pretty useful that you are now able to generate barcodes directly, this could prove very useful for business customers.

@fsf @endDRM Just curious, but is there an alternative solution that helps both copyright owners and users? Because, I think we can all agree that there is a need for a system, so that people can't simply pirate any content, because that harms both sides of course.

@fsf Could you make a summary of Snapchat's new policies, so the users can understand what they accept?

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