@fsf @endDRM Just curious, but is there an alternative solution that helps both copyright owners and users? Because, I think we can all agree that there is a need for a system, so that people can't simply pirate any content, because that harms both sides of course.

@fsf Could you make a summary of Snapchat's new policies, so the users can understand what they accept?

Just saw a @duckduckgo advertisement poster in a near village (I'm living in Northern Germany).
I was very surprised, great action!


@fsf With technology, it is like with other things. They have great possibilities - in both positive and negative direction.

@fsf The reason why encryption is still controversial discussed in society is that it also if course helps criminals to stay anonymous, so thanks for working on a "legal" image of encryption!

Eine absolut praktische und schöne App! Leicht in der Bedienung, trotzdem vollgepackt mit Features, außerdem sicher, Privatsphäre-freundlich und Open Source! Absolute Weiterempfehlung! 👍


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