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I made a thing, it's a simple word unjumbler. Check it out:

There's a demo video if you don't want to install it yet & pre-compiled binaries are available for some unix-like systems.

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Nobody asked for it, but I did it.

The audio version of #OpenBSD cut(1) man page.

This was a very difficult exercice, there are so many metadata embedded into a man page.

You can listen to it here:

I can provide ogg file...

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🎉🎈 Mastodon.Social has just welcomed its 500.000th user 🎂

At this 🌟special🌟 #milestone I would like to thank everyone in the #fediverse for the numerous interesting posts, the wonderful time and the untiring voluntary #community contributions that make it all possible.❤️

@Gargron #mastodon #mastodonSocial #500k #freedom

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@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:

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My website is plain html and could have been hosted 20 years ago when ISP were providing « personal website space » :flan_thumbs:

I don't even have control on my current host :flan_XD:

Braindead html is SAFE and WORKS :flan_ball:

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by your personal standards for general-purpose personal computers, what is four gigabytes of RAM to you?

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I published an article about #openbsd current frequent questions hoping this will help people looking for -current.

if you have questions about -current I will add them and answers to that article.

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If you dont like Puffy you are going to Hate this :) 

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Copywriters, front-end devs, testers, and content reviewers: Can you help us bring our documentation up-to-date and make it relevant for millions worldwide?

Please join our second #DocsHackathon March 22-30.

This is a totally remote and online event.

I wrote cetus, it is a simple wallpaper management tool written in Go. It can fetch backgrounds from NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day & Bing Photo of the Day (v0.4.6).

I made some demo videos too, nothing fancy just audioless videos running some commands.

Check it out here:

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