I'd like to give a shout-out to @snikket_im, and in particular to @mattj for creating this awesome new project, as well as a friendly and welcoming support community. Snikket has lowered the bar of entry into the world of XMPP by several orders of magnitude. It takes more time to install/configure your & prepare your DNS zone than it takes it to install Snikket itself. Anyone who can get Linux running on a Pi can run their own XMPP server thanks to Snikket.

While Snikket is completely free, running a free project _does_ cost money. If you like Snikket, please considering supporting them,or any other project you find useful, with a financial donation! @snikket_im @mattj


Thanks for the kind words!

It's truly heartening to see the community grow. The past couple of releases have included significant contributions from community members. This includes the entire (!) web portal, translation work into 8 languages, and more recently help with various outstanding issues in our (work-in-progress) iOS app.

Finally thanks to everyone who installs and provides valuable testing and feedback, and all the sponsors moving the project towards sustainability! ❤️

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