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Hello world :D

Testing out this system while listening to some Amiga classig mod files :D

Some nice music releases from TRSAC 2019 demoparty part 1 :)

See follow-up posts for more picked tracks :)

4-Mat's track can be downloaded from the "Amiga music preservation" site:

One of the tracker-tunes which are highest in my personal ranking...

For example In the kitchen by 4-Mat - awesome melody :)

Great song by Timer - Can be played back with VLC/Foobar2000/Xmplay :)

Original tracker format is mod.

Download link from one of the most awesome collection sites for Amiga tracks :)

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it's really cool when #demoscene musicians go back and play with their work. (Dr. Awesome / BjΓΈrn Lynne, Space Deliria)

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the #demoscene still strives to create demos that break emulators:
but yeah, 'reasonable fidelity' is a good criterium I guess. ;)

I can imagine though that the loud 'clack' of a power switch, the loud whirring of the spinning rust and fans, and inserting of big floppies, is a big part of the nostalgia.


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I could look at the news and get upset, or I could share a link to the winning #Amiga #demo from #Revision2019

:amiga: Eon by The Black Lotus

#demoscene #DemoSunday

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Here's a beautifully chill #Demo for #DemoSunday morning.

:amiga: Haujobb & Ghostown – Beam Riders

Running on an #Amiga A500 with Vampire V4 – (68080/FPU@85MHz + AGA/Pamela)

Astute readers will note Motorola never produced a 68080. This is a CPU implemented in an FPGA by the Apollo crew.


Rather cool Atari Falcon demo with a wonderful track from Radix:

JOY by New Beat

Cool track from Revisq - minimalist but nice - Non commercial and free to share, converted towards OGG from the origin mod tracker format :)

Hello world :D

Testing out this system while listening to some Amiga classig mod files :D

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