Samsung stop emailing me about offers and upgrades, I buy shit used 3 years after it was relevant

@RogueRen I hesitate on upgrades all the time, because there are usually a few bugs that take a while to fix or get patched or whatever. So, if it's really needed, but I have the option to wait, I usually will for a few weeks. By then, most of the bugs are worked out and I don't have to deal with all the crazy patches others have to (hee hee).

But yeah, I keep tech til it gives up the ghost and do some research to find something not super complex that I can (and will) work with.

@CaffeinatedBookDragon Ever since I swapped to Linux I can keep everything up to date on Pop!_OS with no issues, unlike Windows where every update was guaranteed to break something

@RogueRen Every few months some update does something that messes with my audio. I'll wake up the computer, go to YouTube, and no sound comes out. Have to go to the device manager and uninstall every audio thing I can find, shut down the computer for at least half an hour, then when I get back on, it's all cool again and everything re-downloaded.

Frustrating as hell.

@CaffeinatedBookDragon yep, that's what would happen to me. Windows updates would reset the bitrate on my USB audio interface too low so it wouldn't work until I change it back. Every. Single. Update.

Pop!_OS has never given me an audio issue that wasn't my fault in 2 years

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