@psjbeisler I understand their position. The work and infrastructure required to build the packages we do (all 7 active Debian+Ubuntu versions across 4 architectures, for 2 branches of Prosody (stable and dev)) - it's a lot, and @zash does most of it.

In theory this is what distros are meant to take care of, but in practice they often lag behind (creating a support burden for us). It's also really nice to have our commits packaged automatically into nightly builds the next day.

Overall, worthwhile 🙂

@mattj @psjbeisler

Last week I spent a couple of hours adding the upcoming Ubuntu LTS, so we're at 8 versions total, 3½ architectures (Ubuntu no longer supports i386 (except for the version that does 😭 )).


Anybody using i386 on a non Debian?
I would suppose it doesn't hurt many people if its not supported anymore at all for the rest..
@mattj @psjbeisler

@Menel @mattj @psjbeisler

There appears to be more i386 users than ARM users, by an order of magnitude. (Unique IPs hitting our package repo.)

@zash @Menel @mattj
So I'm just in the 1% of the 1% ...
The fact that #Debian provides pretty much the only mainline #ARM support at this point kinda makes me sad...

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