That will fall back to recurrent notification fetches.
Push notifications work but it needs some extra work for the Fdroid version. It's described on our site.
@M @crossgolf_rebel

Doesn't work on my phone. It's related to the fact, that I use the fdroid version?
@pixelcode @crossgolf_rebel


I tried, this one, when fedilab disabled the push notification.

Maybe I didn't understand all. (non native English speaker)
But I still dont get it why I have to create an account at a unknown (strange? 🤷) service.
@pixelcode @crossgolf_rebel

We offered gotify.fedilab.app/ for helping. That the messaging server that will handle push notifications to push it inside the app.
That's what Google FCM does but it's free and open source.
@pixelcode @crossgolf_rebel


I missed the links in the Posts. Legt the New App and right, the older one.

I would like to have the view back the way it was in the old app, with the user avatar in large on the left. It's visually nicer to have a clear separator and you can see right away who the post is from.

And also the jump to the latest post when updating is annoying.
I want to stay where I was just now.
Is it possible to set this up again?

Where do I have to set something so that word suggestions are displayed for spelling mistakes?

I have set the language to German

Das ist eine Einstellung der Tastatur, nicht der App, in der sie verwendet wird.
Wenn du lange auf das Komma drückst, erscheint ein Zahnrad, das dich zu den Android-Tastatureinstellungen bringt. Dort kannst du unter Textkorrektur die Änderungsvorschläge aktivieren.

Die gibt es aber nur für die jeweils eingestellte Sprache. Für englische Vorschläge musst du also zusätzlich noch Englisch als Sprache hinzufügen. Umschalten kannst du durch langes Drücken auf die Leertaste.


@oausi @crossgolf_rebel @apps das mit dem lange aufs Komma drücken, um in die Spracheinstellungen zu gelangen ist für mich ein neuer sehr hilfreicher Tip. Danke dafür.

@oausi danke für den Tipp.
Hilft nur leider nicht da alles so is t wie es sollte. In der alten Fedilab App geht es ja aber die neue zeigt nichts an. Und es ist die gleiche Tastatur



Maybe a bug?
I just faved and shared the post.
I don't see it in the new app, but I see it in the old app when I go to the post that I did it.

Also, how and where do I set the control question whether I want to share/fav?

Maybe an instance thing?
More characters seem to be allowed on it and maybe its config is modified differently?

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