As a kid I enjoyed the with and . I still have an with retro tv I always played on. On the Atari I never died with the two lvls of pacman. 🙈 I said to friends, its the other ones turn when you have died. 🙈 They hated me for it. 😆😂

A guy in Belgium, repaires commodores. It's still on my wishlist to buy one.😍 A shame my parents gave ours away.

After commodore it was DOS games. Good times. 😂

Doggy love🥰❤ Turbo and Diesel. Daddy and son, best Friends. Love them and miss them so much.

Reincarnation in another world, this time not as a slime (that time I reïncarnated as a slime)... but spiderrr.


It's funny, and nasty, and cute...

The Quintessential Quintuplets,

Who did he met 5 years ago? 😱 Remember, remember...

Does she remembers it?

Went into #2021 like.

Best of 2020 - The End

2021 - Be Nice. (Still sounds so futuristic 2021, we are here, we are in the future!)

So I am using a lot of programs to learn to code. One of them is . It is a very short course but the basics are so simple and well explained. Good app to start with for an introduction to different languages like .

I started to in may last year. Lost track of it because the lockdown threw us in a different financial situation and we had to move. Gladly it all worked out. I started with , got 2 certificates for completing and course. Ive written down (oldschool) the most important comments of peers and information. I am going to start with learning that. I missed doing projects in sololearn. I am also going to follow different courses.

Waiting for the Tower of God to return. I heard that Siu has to take another 6 month break. I think I gonna reread the manwha on webtoons. 😍 Hope Siu is going to be allright.

My first toot.
Hello, I am new still figuring things out how this works. I don't know yet how I am going to use this. If I am going to let go of my fb then I probably going to spam our kids also on here. The dogs and cockatoo. But for now I am going to talk about my hobbies anime, manga, games and study courses here. I think. But to get used to it already. Here is a picture of my furbabies. 😆🥰
Greetz Kimberly, Netherlands


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