let's try to be kind to new and young users, after all, we were once young and naive, try to steer those types of folks in the right direction instead of hating on them outright, ok?

A part of me wants to try owncast along with glimesh, another part of me is like "that's so much effort though"

time to learn japanese so i can tour the japanese countryside exclusively via train

I don't know anything I just read things and regurgitate them and hope someone doesn't ask me to clarify too much

"League and/or DOTA are not addicting - I played them and did just fine" is only said by people addicted to DOTA or league.

Been seeing a lot of deltarune posts recently, did I miss the fediverse meeting where today is deltarune day?

Jevil was right

They really did build a prison around the whole world, and now I really am the only free one

getting rid of google, microsoft, etc is like going vegan, but for your computer/phone

@tindall Bah, I don't consider to understand a language until I do a 10k LOC "trivial" project that will haunt me forever, reminding me of my failures as I move onto languages I understand better. :P

idk why some game developers are convinced that linux users are seeking the best performance instead of just expecting a modicum of support and simple quality of life features like "the game doesn't crash my window manager"

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Brute-forcing my mental illness just to prove I can. Dumbass trauma thinks it's strong? I'll crush you. I have full meter

@columbidae i do love any time foss bros find out about the existence of the physical world

This is the fourth time I've scrolled through my federated feed, and accidentally unfollowed someone because I wanted to follow them but didn't recognize the account name.

Decentralized federated free and open-source polycule

I just dropped a brand new track, A Private Question, over on my bandcamp page!

Today is also bandcamp friday, which means bandcamp is waiving their cut of any payments made to artists through their site. It's a great day to support artists by buying their music.

Huge thanks to @eclectic and @shade for helping me with the mastering and the art respectively, for doing such a great job on such short notice.



Fediverse? You mean the place I spend way too much time on and lose hours looking at memes when I should probably get stuff done?

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