Das Video ist lang, aber sehenswert. Wer wenig Zeit hat, guckt ab 29:20 das Schlusswort. Und !


Interesting article by Alexia Cambon: The problem isn’t remote working – it’s clinging to office-based practices.

If you have 8-10hours video meetings like me, you understand the need for remote and async communication settings.
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We are supporting an open letter to the German government. In our view Seehofer's draft is a CyberInsecurity Strategy as the paper contains plans to bypass encryption and to keep vulnerabilities open for law enforcement agencies instead of reporting them. Our founder Matthias Pfau says: "Any vulnerability in IT applications can and will be exploited by malicious attackers, (foreign) governments and for industrial espionage." Article in German:

Interessant. Jetzt setzen einige Ikea-Standorte die Luca-App zwingend voraus. Egal was man von Luca hält, aber der Zwang geht gar nicht. 😑



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