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Hello Mastodon. Twitter is boring. It's just a bunch of people yelling into an algorithmic void.
Ads have ruined Rick Rolling and web content as a whole. So I'm putting content on decentralized, ad free platforms from here on out.

Let's see how this goes.

No context thumbnail for my next vlog like thing. I need more fake pngs. Give me your fake .pngs and I will use them in my video edits.
When I'm left unattended at night.
I'll probably upload a copy early to lbry for no one to watch. 😎

Do mixed digital mediums, partly A.I. generated then arranged by a human count as art or should it count as "remixing" art?

This sheep dog peanut butter whiskey I have tastes like I'm drinking how a vape shop smells. Minus the sweaty hoodies and axe body spray.

I need to set up two office computers for a job tomorrow.
I also drank a THC infused soda a few hours ago.

I wish existed
select-color: ( to to ) transparency(0.5) brightness(-10%) contrast(10%);

/** is any valid value, 2 colors effect a linear range of colors. 3 or more will effect a range of colors within those coordinates, if RGBA the ranges within A as well**/

Took the plunge today and got myself a Final Fantasy XIV subscription today. I'm hoping square Enix takes Blizzard out lol.

Early level dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV are quite nice. Simple pew pew pew HP grinders with some small trash mechanics. It's been years since I've hit dungeons in an MMORPG so it's nice to start off simple getting my feet wet again.

NSFW chocolate fake poop. 

The state of YouTube in a single image.

Going to be smashing some Deep Rock Galactic for a little bit in a 15 minutes.

Pro Tip: Stream on a schedule and you will get new followers!

I wish I could eat a grape the size of my head.

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